The Neo Story
   Neo Burrito was created by Zak Yancey. Yancey, who had been cryonically preserved in a space ship, was suddenly reanimated and one day found himself on another planet with little to work with, save a hammer and a few Ayn Rand novels. Yancey immediately set to work establishing sustainable systems with the few resources that were available.

   One day, Yancey stumbled upon an unsettling amount of debris collecting near a large magnet as the items passed through the planet's atmosphere. Apparently, a landfill program was launching its solid waste into outer space, as they had run out of room for trash on their planet. It was evident that the economy was poorly managed, as there was an abundance of restaurant equipment within the orbiting cluster. Never missing an opportunity to make the best of every situation, Yancey began organizing the debris and categorizing its products.

   While organizing, Yancey began to daydream about a better, less wasteful world. Underlining this daydream was the belief that if one had the ability to do awesome things, then one was responsible for enacting any and all awesome potentials; he dreamed of a day when others felt the same. In the daydream there was a place that anyone could go and get a great meal at a great price really fast.

   At this place, customers were greeted by a healthy social atmosphere with clean air filtered by all of the plant lifegrowing within the structure. When customers ate, they did so knowing the food was good for them and for the environment. Because the ingredients were locally and organically derived, you could eat there all the time and feel good knowing you had all the nutrients you need to thrive and flourish. It was proven you would actually live longer the more often you ate there. As you went through the experience you were subliminally educated and in a few moments you became more universally conscientious. You could finish your meal, enjoy the artwork on the walls, the current events on the media displays, and leave knowing that the establishment was doing all it could to be socially responsible. You would know that it was leading the way for other individuals and businesses to follow, so you felt good about supporting the place in any way you could.

   Yancey, having this notion while being a human of action, set out to hand deliver this product to the place he called home. In a short time, a corporeal version of this restaurant concept was put together. On January 12th, 2009, with an enormous effort, Neo Burrito was quietly located in Parkwood Square on the corner of Haywood Road and Patton Avenue, behind Sonic and Aldi without anyone even knowing what had happened. The idea grew in strength and concept. People became more aware of the environment and sustainable practices. Other businesses caught on as well and the green revolution came just in time to save the people of the planet from disaster. They lived together in harmony for hundreds of thousands of years and Neo grew to be a world leader influencing people and businesses to DTRT (do the right thing!). The people reached type 3 status on the Kardashev scale and the future was limitless. To be continued...

...and it all started by making the world a better place one burrito at a time.